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chef at home cortona

A personal chef at home in Cortona, within the province of Arezzo, is perfect for receptions, banquets, dinners, happy hours, cooking classes, little and big corporate events, dinners with your family and many other special occasions to celebrate.

Rely on Cristiano Milighetti's great professionalism, experience and love for the Tuscan cuisine to organize a really unique and unforgettable event in Cortona.

Cristiano was the first chef at home in the area of Cortona, at the very heart of green Tuscany. At present Cristiano is passionately running a hotel and a restaurant named "Osteria di Villa Schiatti", where you will have the chance to taste excellent specialties of the local cuisine and interesting traditional recipes with a contemporary twist.

Our philosophy in cooking

Care in selecting ingredients

Our philosophy in cooking is to make best use of the local produce, the excellent Tuscan wines, the delicious cheese and cold cuts, the savoury meats, as well as special homemade pasta to create authentic and tasty dishes in full respect of the traditional Italian cuisine.

We select locally sourced ingredients, seasonal and mostly organic fruits and vegetables and we pay special attention to freshness and quality.

Technique and passion

The art of cooking is passed on from generation to generation and Cristiano has collected the secrets and techniques of his grandparents, who were running a restaurant, to devote himself to cooking with great passion and knowledge. A well-rounded chef will teach you or prepare for you delicious recipes, hand-made pasta, pizza, roasted meats and desserts...

Manual skills and refined techniques are combined with professionalism in a creative ritual originating really unique dishes.

Innovation within tradition

The idea encouraging chef Cristiano Milighetti to create his recipes is to enhance ingredients by following traditional guidelines of the Tuscan cuisine, which is unsophisticated, authentic, healthy, and made of simple ingredients that mixed all together manage to create extremely tasty food.

Every traditional recipe is reinterpreted and enriched with a touch of fantasy to satisfy even the most demanding people in a triumph of colours, scents, and flavours.